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Getting my Music

CDs - if you want my album, the future, whatever than means, you can download it from bandcamp.

There's also stuff on Reerbnation that you can get at there or through Facebook - "David Keeble Songwriter".

About the Site

This is a site about songwriting - mostly about my own songwriting.

So, of course, there are lots of songs, and the stories behind them, told on Song Pages - which you can access through the music link in the menu bar. So far there are 19 song pages (out of hundreds of songs) and not all of those have all their music links yet. I continue to work on it, but slowly. This could take a while ...

The downloads link is to the "bandcamp" site, where you can listen to or download songs, like iTunes. These are the "produced" versions of some songs, a step up from the demo and scratch versions I put in this site. What's there at the moment is my album - the future, whatever that means.

I've also put some links to other songwriters and writers about songwriting in the links on the left of this page.

I do play live from time to time, so there is a list of upcoming and past shows.

... and of course, a link to my facebook artist page, which also links to some music on Reverbnation that you can download.

(Oh, the bar above shows a Twitter link but there's nothing there. Deleted my account - can't stand it.)

So it will be a work in progress forever, as I see it.  Drop in from time to time and see what I've had time to add. I hope you enjoy it.



©2012 David Keeble